Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth Oktoberfest 2017

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It’s Dirndle Time!

Just moving here from Germany early this summer I have been begging for a little German something and of course why not Oktoberfest in one of the most notable places in Washington State? Leavenworth has been drilled into my cranium of THE place to go to to get my dose of German. On Saturday, my children and I hit the road on a SIX hour round-trip trip to Leavenworth to achieve that dose.  I have been waiting for this moment to go to Oktoberfest ALL SUMMER LONG!

The drive was breathtakingly beautiful and unfortunately since I was driving I can’t take photos and I did stop because (1) I was to excited to get to Leavenworth or (2) I did not want to get home super late.   I loved the changing of the leaves, the rolling hills and steep cliff-sides on the way to our destination.  If you drive on Hwy 99 there are MANY stands for fresh fruit and vegetables! We actually stopped at Smallwood’s Harvest right outside of Leavenworth in Peshastin, Washington on the way back home. We picked up some beautiful orange pumpkins and some other goodies. Plus I allowed the kids to play a bit before heading home on our three hour drive.

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After #Oktoberfest we made a stop at #smallwoodfarm! I let the kids play and we picked out some pumpkins! #fall #autumn #washingtonkids

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We arrived in Leavenworth around 1300 (1:00pm).  I am very happy I didn’t follow my GPS as it wanted me to turn way before and I actually just followed the main road and I ran right into the main area of town.  I remember seeing on Google Maps that the main area ran along the river.  Parking for the event range from $10 to $20, but I am sure there were other areas for parking.  I miss Germany as parking was free when we went to festivals or it was less than 5 Euro.  Welcome back to America? We found parking at the end of a hill and I ended up paying $20 since I didn’t know my bearings of the area and I wanted to make sure that I could find my vehicle when it was time to go.  Plus I was benefiting an organization for youth so I was happy about my donation.


It is such a cute little town which resembles any Bavarian town with the exception of cobblestone streets which in my opinion would make it even more authentic. We ate at the first place we found appetizing which was the Baren Haus.  My younger two shared a bratwurst (they never finish their own food anyways… but they did), my oldest had spaghetti and I had a Jaeger Schnitzel.  Of course I have had better but we were not in Germany.  `So it is what it is.  The bread, pommes (french fries) and potatoes they served was delicious.  The portions were great and the service was amazing.  I would certainly recommend it. We also checked out the Gingerbread Factory, as recommended by our horse-drawn carriage driver and I am so glad he recommended and showed it out to us.  It is such a cute little house and the cookies were delicious.  Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos and they were devoured before I took out my camera.  Sorry!

Oktoberfest Festival

I attempted to go in there before I had actually gone in there but the security detail told me that it was $20 per person.  I asked him even for kids and he said yes even for kids.  Well he was wrong.  I had gone to a shop to buy a few souvenirs and I saw a flyer for the festival that stated kids under 12 years were free and plus military with ID were FREE! Whooohoooo! Yay! So right after I found that out we headed back to the festival to check it out.  They do check your bags so leave your alcohol and whatever else at home.  They have two tents and one indoor stage.  We felt that the indoor area was more to our liking.  They seemed to more upbeat and the kids really enjoyed it.  We did the conga line and we did a few German dances.  I had to remind myself that we were in America and not in Germany a few times!  Just a tidbit of extra information majority of the food, drinks and souvenirs in the festival portion require tickets to purchase.  You can buy tickets all over the festival.  Keep in mind that they are not refundable.  You can purchase them with cash and credit card!  Strollers are welcome, but kids are not allowed after a certain time.  I highly recommend checking out the festival’s website for more information on this! Next year I most likely will not bringing my kids. Haha!

Photos of #leavenworth & #Oktoberfest! #washingtonstate #washingtonkids #oktoberfestwithkids

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Thank your for taking time out of your day to read about our recent trip to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Washington. Have you been? Is there an Oktoberfest in your area? Let us know in the comments! Please feel free to share, comment and like!  Heading to Europe?  Be sure to check out our other website and see our tips for trips!

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